Friday, August 5, 2011

A visit by train to the Skytower

We all climbed aboard Dawn's bus and off we went to the Onehunga train station. We only just made it in time before the whistle went and we were off. We arrived at Britomart, got off and had a quick bite to eat before walking up Queen St. We came upon a big queue at the intersection and it was people waiting to see the All Blacks. Much as we would have liked to wait too, we had to keep moving to have time to go up the Skytower. The trip up the lift was great and then it was time to have a look around, walk on the glass!!!! and watch the jumpers. We saw lots of people bungy jumping and then it was time to go down again, climb aboard dawn's bus and back to kindergarten just as mums, dads, nanas etc arrived for pick up time. Some children really didn't want to go home as they hadn't had playtime!!

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  1. What a great field trip for the kids!
    Cameron had a great time and was very keen to tell us all about everything when he got home - a first for him!!
    He really enjoyed the Sky Tower but I think his highlight was the trip on the train and the bus!!! Typical!!


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