Monday, August 8, 2011

Kindergarten at the farm on Mondays: Lamb Feeding

The lambs were waiting for us when we got there after mat-time, crying out for their bottles.
We had to hold the bottles up in the air until everyone was ready at once then put them down and feed them. It was so funny as they tugged at the bottles and then ran to another if their's was empty.

 After lamb feeding we walked past the loading area for the farm trucks and it provided the most amazing place to jump - it looked like flying.

At the end of the morning we wandered back to kindergarten up through the paddocks. The children were quiet and walked very carefully so as not to disturb the sheep and their baby lambs.

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  1. Looks like the kids had another fantastic day at the the 'action' shots!!
    Cameron just loves the days at the farm - he can't wait for 'Farm Mondays' and Lily always enjoys her time there dropping him off!!
    I know that it has been good for Cameron in so many respects - fitness, learning, developing lots of skills and also bringing his confidence and independence on in leaps and bounds.
    Thank you so much to Carol, Pat and Jemma for all the effort you go to giving the kids the days out at the farm every two weeks and challenging them and to all the mother helps that make it possible - sorry I haven't been able to volunteer yet!!!!


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