Wednesday, July 6, 2011

New guinea pig babies

We wanted to get new guinea pigs as company for Biscuit but sometimes it is difficult to introduce new ones so instead we asked the owner of Biscuit's two babies if Biscuit could go to live there with her babies at their free range backyard home. So Biscuit has gone to the Retirement home - a fabulous free range guinea pig Retirement home and is very happy with her extended family.
So we looked on Trademe and found two gorgeous little little guinea pigs at Papakura. We drove out and picked them up - thanks Sharon they are so lovely and brought them back. We have introduced them to the children and now they are happily residing in their new home.
We are in the process of choosing names - we have some amazing suggestions. Rainbow, Sparkle, Thumbalina, Spikeyhead, and lots of others. How do we choose? Maybe draw them out of a hat? We have still to decide. But they are much loved already.

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