Monday, May 23, 2011

KIndergarten at the Farm - The Lost Gardens

We had a vote on Friday and it was decided that today would be the Lost Gardens. What will be there we wondered? Crickets? Strawberries? A parrot? Carrots? A parachute? A bean? A rabbit? Birdies? A playground?  were suggested.
So this morning off we went after signing in at the farm and a mat-time to go over the rules - No climbing on fences and gates, No chasing animals and No running away. Everyone remembered really well.

First we had to go to feed the new calf and Bella Donna. By then some were hungry so we had to have a quick stop to have a snack for energy. The sandpit caught the attention of some of the children and so we diverted to playing in the sand. We thought it amazing that even tho we have a huge sandpit at kindergarten this sandpile still attracted lots of children - in different groups to those who play together at kindergarten.
Next we thought we had better move on to find the Lost gardens. Where are they some wondered and then we came to the gate and what did it say but LOST GARDENS.
So we were on the right track. But just there there was a huge huge puddle so there was just time for a bit of a paddle. What are gumboots for after all. It was great fun and everyone enjoyed the stop.
Finally we made it.
But "where are the gardens" said one "they are not here that must be why they are lost".
The Lost Gardens are a fabulous place to explore rocks and little hollows, and spend time getting up high "I can see the whole farm" they cried out from the top.
 And where else could our children roam so far unconfined having a wonderful time enjoying the great outdoors.
This whole experience at the farm is so valuable for city kids - wide open spaces, views of green fields ( and our mountain in the distance) and adults who join in if the children want but also let children explore without having to be right alongside.
Its a fun place to use binoculars too - theres a lot to see

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