Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Lost Gardens discussion with the children

This morning we asked about the best things from the Lost gardens trip.
Lachlan said " We could got to the Lost Gardens again because it was so cool - especially going in the puddle"
Aaron said "I liked that too"
Olivia said " I liked the horses" we could see the people from the RDA walking 4 horses. Someone thought they were Bella Donna's friends.
Zebby said "I climbed up the mountain"
Luken found ladybugs and a slug.
Cameron was looking for tracks with his magnifying glass.
Blake said "Cowpoo is big and sheep poo is little" just like in the book Baa baa smart sheep.

Later children drew their experiences at the Lost gardens. The drawings were fabulous and showed very clearly the childrens' perspectives.

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