Sunday, May 22, 2011

Highlights from a busy week

Yeehah we are off to the farm again. We had a vote to see where everyone wanted to go and we are off to an area we haven't been to before. It should be fun. To vote we put out the photos of each area at mattime with a jar beside it and everyone gets to put a token in the jar of their choice. The weather looks great and it should be a fine day for a wander at the farm again.

We have held off organising our Mondays at the farm as we are trying to find a sponsor to help purchase wet weather gear for the children so we can go each Monday rain or fine. We believe in the philosophy that there is "No bad weather only bad clothing".

We were very disappointed at the beginning of the term when we had to return the potters wheel we have had on extended loan from Mangere Bridge School. Now we have bought one from Trademe and it is just like our last one!! We have had such fabulous work being made on the wheel this week and the children were so happy to have "that turning one" back again.

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