Thursday, March 17, 2011

St Patrick's Day at MBK

A parcel arrived for us at the kindergarten from far away. It had a customs declaration on it that said it was biscuits. We looked at it and thought "no, no-one would send us biscuits from overseas" but when  we opened it, it was indeed biscuits and when we read the card we saw they were real Irish biscuits for St Patrick's day.
The card said
"Hello to all there at Mangere Bridge Kindergarten. My name is Niamh A.K.A Aunty NEE NEE. I am Flynn's aunty from Ireland. I have heard great things about your kindergarten and I loved the calendar that we received at Christmas.
I just wanted to wish ye all a Happy St Patrick's Day and send some Irish biscuits that may be shared out as a treat among the kids.
I've no doubt Flynn is being a good boy and is full of fun. God's blessings and all the best for now, NEE NEE".
We thought it was such a lovely card and gesture and celebrated when Flynn came.
So here we are NEE NEE with Flynn. A big thankyou.

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