Monday, March 14, 2011

Kindergarten at the farm

Kindergarten at the farm this week was to be a trip to the foreshore but NO! that was not what happened. Because we had the teachers from Singapore we thought we should tour the animals first, which we did. We visited with the goats, Basil and Skippy, Timmy the turkey and the chickens. 
As we went past the stockyards we found Gary and his dogs moving sheep so we stopped to watch. The dogs were more interested in the children and their back packs than work sometimes - we are a bit of a distraction. However we really enjoyed watching them work, leaping over the fences and back with ease.

Then it was off across the paddocks but we had to take a detour to avoid the bull paddock and we ended up in loop road where we stopped for food, drink, soccer and a play amongst the 'bush'. Our Singaporean visitors enjoyed the stop and exploring, looking for bugs.
Whenever we find space it is definitely time for soccer and it turned into quite a long game.
When there is space it is also time to pitch the tents and pile in and so that happened too.

Before we knew it it was time to pack up and wander back up through the paddocks. On the way there was time for a roll in the grass - of course- and also for exploring the contents of a cowpat!!!!!! Another very successful day.

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