Friday, March 11, 2011

A visit to our mountain

There was much excitement as the bus arrived outside Kindergarten today. We quickly boarded and headed up to one of our favourite places - our mountain! We stopped for a quick snack under the trees where we talked about how our mountain used was a volcano along time ago. Then Carol told us the story of Hape and how he came all the way from Hawaiiki on the back of a stingray to live on our mountain. We set off on an adventure, keeping an eye out for signs of where Hape and his family used to live and plant their food. It was a lovely day for a long walk on our mountain. It was a challenge, but we made it all the way up, over, along and back down again. Well done - we know it was a long walk but it was great to see you persevering and having a lot of fun together. We finished up with another snack and some soccer fun on the field and then headed back to Kindergarten on the bus. 

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