Monday, March 21, 2011

Kindergarten at the farm in the 'Dump paddock'

With the possibility of heavy rain today, we changed our plan slightly and instead of the dirt pile, we headed for the dump paddock. On our way there, we made a detour to feed the chickens and say hello to Bella Donna. 

That done, we eagerly entered the dump paddock and set about exploring all that was on offer. Janine had deposited some plastic crates and old wood for our use, and the paddock already contained scraps of wood, pallets and old gates, logs, trees, rocks and a large pile of bark. 

Armed with hammers, saws, pliers and clamps that we had brought from kindergarten, the children spread out to explore and build interesting constructions from the found materials. There was awesome teamwork as the children worked together, lifting, carrying, using rope, sharing tools and sharing their imaginative thoughts. It was great fun messing about in the dump paddock - and we didn’t even mind the rain - it was only light after all. 

Before e knew it it was time to pack up again and head back to Kindergarten. Our Kindergarten at the farm days ere planned so that we would have more time to explore but we still find it very short. There is so much to see and do.

We wandered back up through the paddocks and as we waited at the gate for everyone to catch up two cows wandered over to say hello. They are very tame as they have been hand reared as calves ( sometimes by the local children ) and they were very interested in us. Once these two came over the rest followed suit and we were surrounded by curious cows licking children and looking them in the eye. A very special moment. We thought they wanted to come back to kindergarten with us - they might have trouble climbing the ladder in the reserve at the back of the kindergarten.
Some children even carried their wood back to kindergarten to do some further work on it.

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