Friday, March 4, 2011

Red and Black Day for Christchurch, Wednesday Thursday Friday

We had a coin trail so that the children would be the ones putting the money onto the red paper and realise that this would go to the children of Christchurch. In September we did this and dressed in red and black for several days to allow everyone to take part - even if they forgot on the first day. We decided to repeat this way of showing support for the children who have been through the earthquake and to raise some funds for them to use in the kindergartens.
 Marise was very creative and wore a shoe of each colour. There was red and black all over the playground. Well done everyone!

We had to hang the coin trail - it was too windy to spread it along the ground.

We will send the money to the AKA to go to Kidsfirst Kindergartens in Christchurch. Thanks to everyone for taking part.

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