Monday, March 7, 2011

Bird watching from the bird hide

Today for  Kindergarten at the farm day we were off to the Bird Hide down overlooking Puketutu Island where the bird roosts are. We had mattime as usual and set off through the kissing gate. When we first used the kissing gate two children were heard musing 
"This ones the kissing gate" 
"I wonder if there is a hugging gate somewhere?"
We thought that a very cool thought.
The kissing gate always provokes much laughter and conversation.
Once through we were off down the back road to the bird hide BUT unfortunately we took the wrong turn so we had to send Jemma off for a reccy. The children thought she was lost but NO there was her bag on the side of the road.
THe wrong turn turned out to be such fun - we had to ford the creek ( a tiny trickle but it seemed a big adventure). Then we were there! 
We got out the binoculars - we had heaps - and had a look out at the birds on the bird roosts. While some looked others had morning tea.
Then we wandered back up the road, through the kissing gate again and into the paddock where we set up the mats and went off to use the binoculars again and also look for bugs.
The time went so fast that we had to pack up very quickly and hot foot it back to the stile, over and back to kindergarten. It was such fun we couldn't believe it was home time.

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