Monday, February 28, 2011

Kindergarten at the farm in the Lava cave

Everyone was very excited and spent the weekend asking "is it Lava cave day yet" and finally this morning it arrived.

For this Kindergarten at the farm day it was cloudy but hot and when the children arrived at the farm they had their torches at the ready for this exciting adventure. We had our usual meeting to talk about where we would be and what we needed to remember and off we went to the paddock - without the big bull thank goodness,  Gary had moved him. We set up our tents and got the hard hats on and we were ready to enter the cave.
"It's cool in the hot lava cave"
"It's like snow coming down"
"It's like a tunnel"
"Look how far the light goes"
"It's just like we are in a volcano"
"It's not scarey when you have a torch"
"It's cool exploring eh?"
"There are no bears in there"
"I like all the big rocks"
How old is this cave?"
Most children wanted to go back in more than once but some stayed out using the magnifying glasses when they turned rocks over. Others spent time in the tents, camping has become quite a favourite activity. The children are a great help pitching and lowering the tents.
Our fantastic parents make this all possible - as do the lovely farm staff. Thanks everyone this is an amazing opportunity.

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