Friday, March 20, 2009

Two excursions in a week

Hi all
On Friday last week the whole kindergarten visited Mangere Bridge School as part of our transition to school  project to build relationships and connectivity between the school community and the kindergarten community. We spent time in classrooms and then went off to one of our favourite Mangere Bridge spaces - our mountain, Mangere. We climbed and explored and could see for miles. Such a wonderful experience being up so high and able to see the surrounding harbour and city spread out before us.

During this week we have been joined by a group of teachers from Singapore. Between Botany Downs and us we have had ten teachers for the week and they spent time in each kindergarten, working with our children, looking at the programme, at Te Whaariki and at documentation as well as at the structure of the COI programme.

On Monday we introduced two new special kindergarten features, our two guniea pigs who have been named Biscuit( for her lovely gingernut colour) and Cookie. They are just babies and the children have been delighted to hold them, stroke them and get them used to being around children.

Today for a real treat (for them and for us)  we went to another of our favourite places Ambury farm. They had the opportunity to get up close to sheep, cows, a huge bull, chickens, ducks and of course our friend Cameron, the draft horse. This was  a new experience for them and they particularly enjoyed the views as we came around the corner and walked ( or roly polyed) down the road to the farm.

It was a fantastic end to a busy and enjoyable professional visit week for them and for us too.

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