Friday, March 6, 2009

The COI report is done

Hi all
When we set out on our COI journey we could not see how our final report would happen but over the time of the contract it has slowly taken shape through our reports to the Ministry. We have spent the last few weeks with the HUGE task of writing the report from our data and analysis and now it is done.

The task of academic writing is one that we have learnt and honed over the time of the contract with the outstanding support of our research associates, Margaret Carr and Sally Peters. They have been amazing and have made a very intense and stressful time one of growth and development for us as researchers.

Once our report is finally edited by the Ministry of Education it will be published to their website and will be available for reading by teachers, parents, researchers and anyone interested in education and the topic of transition to school.

This project was not just about us however it was possible because of the support and feedback from the two schools, Mangere Bridge and Waterlea and teachers and researchers all over New Zealand who told their stories and contributed to our research with their ideas and practices. A big thank you to you all and to our colleagues in our round of COI who have supported us and shared their highs and lows as we have worked through the contract.
Our blogs have taken a back seat as we have worked towards completion and now we have managed to catch up and look forward to reporting back from the kindergarten programme as we take a step back from the research for a little while.

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