Friday, December 5, 2008

After the farm

On Tuesday after the farm visit the children all drew their impressions of the visit. Our favourite horse Cameron figured largely in the art work - he is always a big hit. The record of the visit by the children went into each of their portfolios and gave us a very good idea of what was important learning for them. 

The drawings are an indication of just how valuable the farm is as a local resource. Some families visit often but others rarely or never so we enjoy this farm experience on several levels. The children are able to revisit this experience in their portfolios - and they do ALL THE TIME. We find children looking at portfolios in all areas of the kindergarten especially comparing the stories and looking for themselves in another child's book.

The highlight of the week has been practising skipping. This is an extremely difficult skill to master and takes lots of practice and co-ordination. We like to present challenges to children that they understand are hard and need to try and try again - all part of learning - and mastering skipping a rope while it is turned is just this kind of task.

The other learning experience that has been great fun in each session is the Haka - instigated by a child in each case, who has watched rugby and come to kindergarten eager to show us how it is done. Fortunately we have the Haka DVD produced by Go Tuatara and we have showed this to the children and they have followed or joined in and practiced with enthusiasm. "There is two rugby songs" says T " the haka and God defend NZ " and this child chooses one or the other to sing each night before bed. He is very competent at the Haka and led the others with appropriate actions.

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