Friday, December 12, 2008

The library visit to hear our school "buddies"

This week we have been very lucky to have an ex-parent with us who is beginning training to be an Early Childhood teacher in the new year.
He has practically been mobbed each morning as the children arrive eager to tell their news and take up conversation with him. It illustrates just how important men in the Early Childhood field are - as role models portraying a caring and connected male     figure.
An example of amazing competent and capable learning occurred when a child was stumped when he could not find the necessary single measure size of Cuisinaire. Instead of giving up he searched around and then improvised by turning a piece on its end creating the right single length piece. Fantastic!!

We visited the local library on Wednesday to see and hear our
 school "buddies"who were singing Christmas carols to the local senior citizens. Our children have been visited weekly by a group of year 5 children from Mangere Bridge School to team up and build relationships with those transitioning to the school. It has been a huge success with our children waiting patiently for Wednesday and the buddy visit day. To see them at the library was lovely, 
they sang beautifully and the kindergarten children sat mesmerised listening intently. Thanks to Loryn and the library staff for making us welcome and making room for us all.
Only one week to go now till the end of term. We are looking forward to a break but always feel a little sad that we will not see some of the children as they move on to school and the rest of the children for a whole month. We are usually part of their everyday existence and not hearing what they are up to for so long seems strange.

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