Monday, December 1, 2008

Home and Away

We have all been alittle like yoyos in the last two weeks, coming and going thanks to our relievers Avis, Mel and Pauline (photos by Andre - a child - in charge of the camera that day).

Pat and Jemma went off to Palmerston North to present and attend NZARE for four days and Carol popped up north to Paihia for a day to present at the Jumbo Literacy day for 57 schools. 

Well popped might be a little of a misnomer as it took 5 hours on a bus to get there as the North flights were cancelled due to the  horrible windy wet weather. While we were away we managed to go visit other kindergartens (always such a treat) with Pat and Jemma going to Takaro, in Palmerston North and Carol to Kerikeri kindergarten. Thanks to the welcoming and generous teachers who were happy to share their environments and practice. Both were delightful and we have talked amongst ourselves and made changes already. Anne Meade tells us "teachers talking to teachers " is a very powerful aspect of COI and for us it is equally powerful as we are inspired by other teachers and settings.

At "home" work and play continued with gluegun construction, lightbox design, investigating garden worms - different to our mealworms living in the perspex science box inside - and balance practice outside all the activities of choice in the last two weeks.

Today has been our trip to the farm. Ambury Farm is very close to us and we can just walk down the road. It was very uncertain weather wise as we left kindergarten and started to rain lightly at first as we walked. The farm ranger, Janine (a kindergarten parent) was there to meet us and after morning tea - a must-do first - we donned big coats (looking like little hobbits) and went off to watch the milking and feed the animals. It is fantastic for our city children to be able to touch and feed farm animals. Zane commented as we came back in the door to kindergarten "oh what a great trip" and how right he was. We didn't worry about the rain, it was not a problem with big rainproof coats and fairly warm temperatures. In fact we thought it was rather fun to walk in the rain and enjoy being out in the elements. Kemen reminded us that "if it didn't rain you would die" - a true farming sentiment.

This week we are looking forward to the local Santa Parade and community evening at Mangere Bridge Village. Look out for us selling sausages - another fun fundraiser towards getting our kiln operational. 

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