Monday, December 10, 2007

NZARE conference and show planning

Hi, Another busy week but this time somewhat different as Carol and Pat have been in Christchurch for the NZARE conference. Early in the week we had an opportunity to visit 7 centres, thanks to Joc and Rose from Christchurch Kindergarten Association, Kidsfirst. We really enjoyed talking to the teachers and looking at inspirational outdoor and eco sustainability programmes. We visited and met up with Bush St Kindergarten, Rangiora who are also on our round of the Centre of Innovation project and went to their workshop. Their storying innovation is one we have been wanting to see since we first connected with them. Sam and Sally were great.We enjoyed being there for their story of the day.
We presented at the conference and enjoyed talking to a couple of researchers who are also looking at the topic of Transition to school. We have more ideas for next year!!
Back at kindergarten it has been wild and wet and planning continues for our last two weeks.We need to learn some new songs to include in our last show of the year. It is funny how the overall scenario of Knights, princesses and dragons reoccurs again and again and children act out good over evil each show story that is written. The use of the digital image means that we can catch up with what has been happening while we are away and it is obvious that the puppets and Mr Gumpy story have been re-enacted with enthusiasm over the week too. It was such a pity it poured for the Mangere Bridge Santa parade - we usually have a fundraiser and community event but this part of the parade after event was cancelled. We are looking forward to hosting the "Special Persons evening" and the South Teachers get together this week. Its hard to believe next week is our last for the term, till then ...

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