Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Sharing our mountain

We had planned a special trip to our mountain on Monday with our friends from Botany Downs Kindergarten ( another Centre of Innovation). When we all arrived at kindergarten it was raining heavily and it really looked like it had set in BUT no by the time it was time to leave for our mountain the rain had stopped. We arrived first and set up tarps in a special spot under the big tree where we could avoid the very light drizzle.
Botany Downs Kindergarten arrived in their bus and we went to meet them and show them our picnic spot on our special mountain. Then we set off. It is a huge walk up the mountain, right to the top where the trigs are AND we had to avoid the cowpoo everywhere!!!We went up the inner cone and over, then along the track to the top and when we were there we could see those cows investigating our bags - we were wondering if they were going to eat our bags, morning tea and all!! Then it was back down the steep track again. By then everyone was thirsty, and hungry and tired. We had morning tea and a play in the tree and then it was back to our kindergartens on the bus where everyone was waiting for us - we were a bit late. It was really lovely to be able to share our mountain with Botany Downs, it feels like you can see for ever up there. You can certainly see the harbour, the farm and over to the city, including the Skytower and One Tree Hill. We have such fun up there because we can run and roll and climb and be in the huge outdoors. A very special Mangere Bridge place. Thanks for joining us Botany Downs. We look forward to visiting your mountain in the New Year.

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