Friday, November 30, 2007

A city takes shape

Hi all, we completely missed our blogsite date last Friday as Pat and I -Carol- had to zoom off to Hamilton to meet with our researchers, Margaret Carr and Sally Peters at Waikato University. Our report to the Ministry of Education about our Centre of Innovation transition research was due this week and we needed to catch up and mull over the data so far.
We hosted the facilitators from ELP in our new COI Monday and Tuesday 20th -21st Nov. It was lovely to see our room put to such great use and host Wendy and her team at the kindergarten. ELP has supported us in Professional Development since 2002 and made such a difference to Early Childhood assessment and programmes in that time.
At the kindergarten the children have been very involved in moving bark with our new wheelbarrows. First we had to assemble the wheelbarrows and next we turned over the bark. Then we topped up the bark safety surface with a whole truckload of new bark. Purposeful work such as caring for our environment with real tools is a real hit with the children and contributes to learning about the environment.Thanks to our adult helpers Andrew, Ingrid and Catherine.
We have beautified our environment this week with pumice sculptures created by the children. The big drills were also a very big hit and we have drilled lots of pumice ready for threading onto wire or rods. They have added a creative dimension to our garden and trees.
Puppets continue to be of intense interest and we are called each day to come and view the latest puppet show designed by the children.
Our new city blocks were used by groups of children happily building cityscapes using these lovely architectural shapes. We have had to screen them off overnight so that the building can continue.
Pat and I are off to the NZ Association of Research in Education in Christchurch next week to present our reseach and attend workshops of interest. Kindergarten will continue with our very capable relieving teachers and we look forward to be back the
following week for our lead up to the end of term and our " Special Person's evening".

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