Friday, November 16, 2007

Off to School

Hi all, Today has been eventful with our termly trip to school. As part of our Centre of Innovation research we have found that the more often the children visit the school ( even if it is not the school they will attend) the easier the transition. So we all jump on the bus and go off to school. We spend time in the junior classes and meet up with ex-kindergarten children. We explore the playground, meet children and teachers from each junior class and generally look around to see just what school looks like. It is different to kindergarten with long corridors, classrooms and lot of unfamilar children about. The drinking fountains were a great hit and our children had fun using them and trying out the buttons to make them work. And look at the upper body strength developed when using monkey bars as this child said "Monkey bars - here I come".
Today we joined rooms 2 and 3 in singing about how "school is cool"and "the lost property box" and thought it might help if we sing these songs too at kindergarten so children feel a sense of familiarity when they go into these rooms. We usually visit our mountain too to look at where Hape came when he came to Aotearoa New Zealand ( our local legend) but it was too wet so we are planning to meet our friends from another Auckland COI Kindergarten there - Botany Downs- later in the term. Our mountain is very significant to our children and we look forward to sharing it with them.
The term seems to be just running away with us, which is why there was no update last week. So hopefully until next week "have a restful weekend"

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