Monday, November 5, 2007

Puppets take over

Hi all, Last week flew by and once again we are updating on Monday. We noticed two weeks ago an increased interest in puppets and introduced that wonderful story by John Burningham, Mr Gumpy's Outing. It provided a catalyst and focus for how to use puppets in a story, with lots of different parts for children to play. All last week the children were busy using puppets to tell this story and now have made masks to retell the story but using different props. " Oh no ' thought Joyanne" once more?" when the children wanted to act it out eight times in a row. Of course she happily obliged as we were hoping to engage those quiet children on the edge of the drama and it seems to us that that is exactly what has happened. Everyone wants to be Mr Gumpy and will add their name to a list ( written literacy), take their turn to act it out( oral literacy) and is aware of story and the sequencing that is involved in telling a story. Now we plan to add other favourites that can be acted out with puppets and masks and will wait to see what develops.
We have a visitors morning for the COI this week and look forward to talking about transition to the teachers and lecturers attending. We still have spaces for the next one which is 22nd Nov.

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