Monday, October 29, 2007

COI Update

Hi everyone, we didn't quite make the update for last wek as we had a particularly busy week. Carol and Pat attended the Hui for the Centre of Innovations round three, and found the discussion around theoretical frameworks really helpful as we are both starting to think about writing our final report. Our " Titans of theory" are Wenger, Brostrom, Carr, Peters, McNaugton, Rogoff and Engestrom. They are influencing our thoughts and practices about transition to school. We hosted 32 teachers on the AKA Feast of Inspiration Saturday morning and enjoyed talking to them about our research. We are looking forward to their feedback by email as we are constantly wondering what teachers are wanting to knwo when they visit and what they are doing in their centres too.
Our next visitors morning is Thursday 8th November
and the 22nd November will be the last for the year.
Should you wish to visit just call Stephanie on 09 6369552 or email us on
We are looking forward to a quiet week this week

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  1. Hi all i just have to ask did Pigeon Mountain have the same smells as your Mountain?

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