Monday, November 10, 2014

Kindergarten Awareness week Day 1- Keeping Ambury Farm clean and rubbish free.

Today is the first day of Kindergarten Awareness Week and the focus is "Sustainable communities".
Ambury Farm is very much a part of our community  and today we took the rubbish bags and went through the areas where there had been enjoying the farm barbecue and play areas to make sure there was no rubbish left. Ambury Farm is a regional farm park and visitors must "Pack in and Pack out" i.e. take their rubbish with them but some hadn't and we found a big black bag of rubbish.

Early on we watched the truck come and take the lambs away to be food!!This is a working farm so sometimes the questions and events are hard to answer!!especially for city kids who think meat comes from the supermarket.

Then there was just time for  a juicie on the rocks before we walked back to kindergarten. 
We found after such a hot sunny day we really needed to water our garden too.

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