Thursday, May 8, 2014

An emerging interest in Space

We are back after our holiday - we all did such interesting things. 
One of our children was very concerned as she travelled to Tauranga with her family asking 
"What language do they speak here?" as they went through each small town. We have been talking about the different languages amongst the kindergarten families and obviously this has created a few questions in her mind about language and usage.

On Monday morning Sam was talking with a teacher and said he knew the name of a planet but couldn't remember the sequence of planets on the solar system. We got the book out to look - a big BIG space book and then got distracted by a query about how cicadas shed their skin and along came Lily, and Ava and they took the book off to the art room and before we knew it Lily had designed herself as a spaceperson - inside a cool space suit.

Then they drew the space rocket and went on to check out the book and do the most amazing huge space picture.

Since then there has bee so much interest in the book as children come and go - have intense and long conversations and illustrate their ideas about space.
I wonder where this will go next.
Otis wants to make a space suit and has his design done. We have had to rescue some boxes from the Cardboard recycle bin before it gets emptied!!

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