Friday, April 4, 2014

An enduring game - the bird game

The bird game began last year when we noticed different birds at the farm and wondered what they might be. We researched and found they were oyster catchers and then Janine from the farm gave us the 'birds of Ambury" pictures and we started to add to the them. We put them on the board, take some away and the thinking begins! "which birds are gone" the person hiding the birds asks and everyone tries to guess. Sam and Paddy have become masters at the game and help others by giving clues - very good clues like  - it has a colour round it's eye - for a wax or silver eye. Today they wanted to add a bald eagle and a New Zealand falcon as these are Paddy's favourites and then he told us we should have a Moa too - but they are extinct.
So we made the new birds and added them to the game and it was time to play again.We must have 30 or 40 birds that some avid players know the names of now. We are creating 'enviro kids' that know our local birds and we hope they will think carefully about taking care of them too.

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