Monday, July 1, 2013

Exploring the rocks

Mangere Bridge is archaeologically extremely interesting.  It has amazing rock formations and lava caves created by the volcanic flow.
Today we first went to check out the first newborn calf of the season and checked the map on the way as Garry had given us directions to where we would find the cow and her baby.

We were very lucky as the calf and mummy cow came really close. So close we nearly got splattered!!!!! when the cow lifted her tail. The calf was wobbly on her spindly legs and still trying to find her mum's milk.

Then we went off to the paddock with the rocks - it is usually occupied by the heritage sheep but they were elsewhere. We climbed everywhere and found tiny caves and bigger caves.
It was a great adventure and some children found they could even fit in the little caves!! Fun 

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