Monday, February 4, 2013

Back at the farm

Today was our first Kindergarten at the Farm day. Ambury Farm is looking particularly dry - which is ironic really as for our first day it rained!!!! It drizzled all the time we were there, fortunately not enough to bother us at all and we just mozzied on and did the things we had been looking forward to.

We had our meeting time inside in the shearing shed though. We talked about the rules at the farm, sang the Papatuanuku and Ranginui song and read "Stuck in the muck".
Then off we went to see how the animals are doing - we have been away so long those piglets are big now!!

There are only tow left!! We saw the black lambs - they have grown too and went and said Hi to Basil, Skippy and Mr Big. Mr Big was in the goat house and didn't come out - perhaps goats don't like the rain? The last stop of the day - after morning tea - was at the bush up by the frame. This is a favourite place to climb trees, use the magnifying glasses and build huts in amongst the bushes.

There was just time for a stop at our favourite rock pile to have a refreshing juicie and a climb over the rocks.

Here we are walking through brown paddocks - in the rain!! Perhaps by next week this rain might have rejuvenated everything - we hope.

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