Sunday, November 18, 2012

Mangere Bridge Trolley derby

Today was the great inaugural Mangere Bridge Trolley Derby. It was held in Ambury Rd and was a fun family day. We were extremely excited about this event as one of our children, Sam built his trolley at kindergarten. He started work in Early October and has been plugging away at it regularly. He did all the work putting together the chassis and adding a seat for our toy guinea pig, William. Then Sam's dad came during the week and picked up the trolley ready for him and Sam's grandad to add the wheels. Sam even had a lap counter on his trolley. He did a fantastic job and we are proud of his persistence and ability to carry through his ideas.

Some of our other families entered too and they all had such fab trolleys. Some needed work on the day- but Dad was there ready with the tools.

And then they were off roaring down the slope!

Felix you drove so well - and your trolley was used by several children. They all had fun.

 Zeldon look at you go in the amazing pirate trolley. Good thing Mum tried it out first!!
The course on the day was packed with happy spectators.
Thanks to the organisers for organising a wonderful family day.

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