Friday, November 23, 2012

Kindergarten Awareness week - Community service = Cleaning the walkway

Each time we come back from the farm the children notice the rubbish in the walkway. We agree it is not in a very nice state so as part of Kindergarten Awareness week we wanted to commit to a community project and chose cleaning the walkway. We loaded up the trolleys with bins and shovels, gloves and rubbish bags and off we went. Several parents joined us - thanks for providing additional woman power!!

All the leaves and mulch contributed to our compost, we put the cans, paper and glass in the recycle bin and the rubbish in the black sack. There wasn't a lot of landfill rubbish - yeh we could recycle or reuse most of it. Very eco friendly we thought.
At the end of our hard work we had a lovely clean walkway to walk along when we went off to explore a lava cave for a bit of fun and relaxation.

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