Friday, May 11, 2012

Roger the Rooster arrives

Robyn called in this afternoon with our very own copy of Roger the Rooster of Ambury Farm. The book is in print and we were happy to be able to purchase some copies for use at the kindergarten. Copies will be available through major bookshops - and from Robyn at her email address.


  1. My sister just bought one for my little 7 yr old Grandaughter who lives in Hungary and is coming next month for a visit.
    It is a neat story and excellent illustrations I know she is going to love it....
    I am hopeing to take her to Ambury Park while they are here as I was also born and bread in Mangere Bridge....and went to Mangere Bridge School and Waterlea School.
    Would love to see some more books like this come out.
    Gail Love

  2. On Monday I was able to visit Ambury Farm with the teachers, children and parents of Mangere Bridge Kindergarten. Although the Rooster was far away, when he crowed many children were instantly alert and able to identify the sound! The farm visits are so popular and the children told me lots about their particular 'likes'. Lovely to meet so many parents and grandparents who are regular helpers for farm days and who wnow each other and the chidlren so well.


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