Monday, May 7, 2012

Back at the Farm - the first time this term

We love being at the farm and today was our first day back after the holidays. We had lots of children with us who have just joined the morning session and for them this was the first time at Kindergarten on the Farm. We needed to learn the rules at the farm and the children who are old hands were happy to help the new children learn:
No chasing animals
Wait at the gate till an adult comes
Don't touch the electric fence!!!
No climbing on fences, gates or rock walls.
Great remembering everyone.
First we checked out the sheep yards where Garry was organising to sort the sheep and drench them too.

We really like watching the everyday jobs around the farm and this time we learnt about wool too as Janine was taking some bales away. The wool was a bit smelly but will make great jumpers, scarves or socks the children thought.

Once we had had mat-time we went off for a bit of an explore in the bush area close by. It is a fun place to find bugs or climb trees.

Next stop we wandered off to the animals to check out pigs (and give Sou E a scratch), turkeys - the babies Skywalker and Talula have grown since we were here - and then into the chickens to wonder if we could see any eggs. No luck today.

While we walked along suddenly there was a rainbow above us. It looked stunning and one of the children suggested we could slide down it. It did look that close.

Lastly there was just time for a scramble over the rocks on our way home through the paddocks. Rock climbing is a highlight of the walk home. It's tricky climbing with a bag on your back but it's good balancing practice too.

The walk home is just part of being at the farm now and we have fabulous walkers who amble along chatting and playing and ENJOYING the walk.

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