Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Week 2 begins with Butterflies and inchworms

Phoenix arrived this morning with a small swan plant to add to our butterfly garden. Off lots of children went round to the garden to plant it and check out the caterpillars and butterflies. There was lots of them and it was lovely around there just watching.
Monarchs are not the only kind of caterpillars that we are investigating. Last wek Lucy-Rose found an inchworm. Carol thought it was a caterpillar to start with but Lucy-Rose was very insistent it wasn't and she was right. Today she found another, even smaller. She is very observant, just the quality required in a scientist. It was incredibly tiny but she held it gently and let it go later.
Ballet is an interest of several children and they danced again today to the First Ballet lesson DVD. Such beautiful moves.

And just look at the beautiful earring created for Jemma. Fantastic work.

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