Monday, February 7, 2011

Kindergarten at the farm

We have always enjoyed a close association with Ambury Farm and  over the course of the last year have been considering ways in which we can strengthen our ties with the farm and deepen the experience of visiting the farm.
At the end of 2010, we initiated discussion with Ambury Farm about the possibility of visiting the farm one day a week, giving us more time to explore the natural features the farm has to offer us.
We wish to explore features of the farm in more depth in keeping with our focus on sustainability and the environment. Some of the educational outcomes we envisage resulting from these visits, linked to all learning areas across both the early childhood and school curriculum, are:
·      building connections to the land and areas of local significance individually and to Maori
·      experiencing aspects of being part of a group and a community
·      strengthening concepts of self and increasing confidence and capabilities
·      caring for the environment
·      awareness of wide natural spaces
·      the ability to relate to others outside the kindergarten environment and take responsibility
·      awareness that rules are different in different settings
·      enjoying the challenge that comes from viewing and exploring unfamiliar surroundings
·  participate and enjoy walking as a healthy and normal exercise

We believe Kindergarten at the farm on Mondays is an exciting opportunity and will provide fantastic learning experiences for children and adults alike.
Today was the first 'Kindergarten at the Farm' morning and we arranged to meet the children at the farm and spend the morning in different areas each time. For the first Kindergarten at the Farm (Ambury Farm) we took tents and went to the camping ground.

The children explored the 'bush' finding slaters, snail shells, interesting shaped sticks, a birds nest and leaves and flax. It was all a fabulous learning experience. Children worked together exploring and playing with children they might not normally play with within the kindergarten playground. It was a fantastic relationship building event. Our parent helpers got a chance to get to know each other too. And then it was up through the paddocks for the long walk home. Just a great day!!!!

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