Friday, November 12, 2010

Rockclimbing again- teachers this time

We have been rockclimbing twice now and the teachers haven't had a chance because we are busy supervising. So this was a cluster meeting for the South group and we got to have a go!! It was funny because when we got up the walls we could see that us encouraging the children by saying "you can do it"was a bit rich when we hadn't tried it. It was amazingly strenuous getting up some walls - and it bit scary going over the wood and chain bridge.
We now know what we are talking about - and realise how challenging it can be for children- and adults!!!

However we really enjoyed it and will be keen to go again, as well as take the children again. Learning is about challenging yourself and giving it a go. We did that!!! It was a fantastic buzz.


  1. First time visit the blog, get to know more about the kindy and the teachers, can really feel the love and the energy.
    We are happy that our son could be one of the lucky children there. Appreciate your efforts girls, keep on great work! :)

    Jielin x

  2. Whoa go south team!! What a great challenge to set yourselves. Arohanui Kea


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