Monday, November 1, 2010

Hi ho hi ho its off on an excursion we go again: to the Skytower

This morning we were off out of the kindergarten again, this time to the Skytower by train. We have a new train service from Onehunga - which is just fantastic and already very well utilised by some of our families. In fact Carol Pat and Jemma met some of our families on the train on Saturday on their way to celebrate World Teachers Day.
Today we had a big group and we all waited at the station, took the train to Britomart, walked up Queen St ( look out for William in the pink backpack too) and then up we went to the top of the Skytower. We all spent time looking over the city and the harbour then down we came again and jumped on our waiting bus back to kindergarten.

What a fun day!!!!!

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