Friday, June 12, 2009

A new life for our babies

We have been investigating the breeding habits of guinea pigs and were rather concerned to find that our white baby ( as yet un-named) could be a daddy at about 4 weeks or so and so we have had to find him a new home. One of our children offered to have him as the household pet and mum went off and bought a new cage (and was told he could even be a pet you take out walking in the garden, so who knows what adventures he may have). So "Oscar", now so named by the family, has gone to live at their house and the other little female has gone live with a recently bereaved bunny as a new companion. She has been named 'Gumdrop'.
We are sad to see both babies go but know they will have great new homes - and we do not need to worry about close breeding relationships.
It has been wonderful to have the babies, they are so charming and the children have been very pro-active in keeping them fed and carefully giving them a cuddle.

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