Monday, June 15, 2009

New friends for Cookie and Biscuit

Today the teachers went to lunch at Manukau to celebrate the imminent arrival of Raelene's baby. Raelene is the teacher at Botany Downs Kindergarten and we wanted to give her a baby present. As well, we have been working out a breeding calendar for our guinea pigs and so Cookie had to come to lunch too ( she didn't seem to mind sitting under the table in her basket) and  in the carpark we swapped our female guinea pig, Cookie for Coke, a shiny black fur guinea pig from Botany Downs Kindergarten. Now we have a breeding pair and they have a breeding pair. What fun, we wonder what will happen.


  1. Hi Gillian here,just wondering how the happy couple are!!!!

  2. It's lovely the way you're sharing your guinea pigs.
    David at Hunter Park Kindergarten


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