Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Celebrating Red Socks Day - Afternoon Children

Today we all turned up at Afternoon Kindergarten wearing red to celebrate red socks day. There were lots of really great outfits. 

We had red water, red paintings, red streamers and red clothes as well as all of fun things we usually do at Kindergarten.

We stuck coins to a big cardboard red sock - thanks to Sophie’s mum Anna for making it for us. When we finish red socks week we are going to collect up the money and send it to the Sir Peter Blake Trust so they can use it to care for our coast because that’s what red sock day is all about.

We decided it was so fun we could make the whole week a special red socks week. Thank you to everyone who joined in and took part.

It was such fun! 

What a fun way to end Term 1.

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  1. What fun - everyone looked so cool all dressed up.


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