Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The winter term begins

Hi all
Even though we are well into the winter term we have been really lucky as most days have dawned cold and clear and we can play outside and continue
 with outdoor exploration. The digital microscope has proved invaluable for these investigations and we were tied up for several days trying to find what those minute holes in our tree were made by - and what else was living in the bark. The children drew the most amazing insects and checked back to the microscope to see what shape and size they needed to draw.
Our interest in mountains is an abiding interest that pops up now and then. This time we organised a trip to the museum to look at the Volcano exhibit and the shaking house 
provided inspiration and provocation for earthquake discussion and drill. We really enjoy the
 opportunity to visit the museum - it is close and visits are so well organised by the education staff. The bones and skeletons were of intense interest for most of the group. We have come back to grow mealworms, so that children can find them in the bran and look at the sequence of events as they change to worms and beetles.
The Capital Theatre production of kiwi moon was an exciting excursion event last Friday. We were  all entranced with the actions of the puppets, those big two person operated kiwis and the dog were highlights for the children. We feel very fortunate to be able to see live productions" it's like TV eh?" said a child sitting next to us, obviously linking this experience to what they familiar with.
Today we had a visit from Jenny Cooper, illustrator of children's books. This was courtesy of the Storylines festival and our children were delighted with her illustrations and the
 process of producing the pirate story of "Peter and the pig". What a fantastic looking pirate
and with a pig instead of a parrot!!!
As teachers we are provoked by  listening to other teachers talk about their practice and Alison Brierly (ELP) has inspired us to revisit planning using planning stories. The insects seem to be leading to lots of further questions - maybe this is our next planning story?
As we are in our final year of Centre of Innovation research we are now on the long run to producing our final report. It is interesting to review where it all started and the wealth of data we now hold to write up. It is also more than a little overwhelming at times but our meetings with our research associates Margaret Carr and Sally Peters inspire and charge us up to keep writing.
We have posted our new visitors dates for Term 2 /3 on our website and in our links bar also. Please call or e-mail if you would like to join a visitor morning.

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