Thursday, April 10, 2008

A term speeds by

Hi again, it has been a very busy term at Kindergarten so far. We have attended some professional development (Reggio Provocations and Gifted Children Conference) and been on another mountain trip this time visiting Mt Roskill, Mt Eden, Mt Albert and One Tree Hill. Unfortunately due to the road works for the new motorway our bus couldn't make it up to Mt Roskill so it turned out to be 3 mountains instead.

Last week Carol, Pat and Jemma spent Wednesday and Thursday at a Centre of Innovation Hui at the St Francis Retreat in Hillsborough. We enjoyed meeting up with the other Round Three Centres of Innovation participants and working together on preparation for the final report which is due towards the end of this year- our final year of research for Centre of Innovation. 

Friday we went on a visit to Mangere Bridge School with all of our morning session children. It was great to see some of our Kindergarten children who have moved to school and it is great for the Kindergarten children to experience what happens at school before they start. 

We especially enjoyed rolling down the hill in the playground! Great for strengthening the vestibular system. After visiting school we climbed our mountain. This is one of our favorite places to go because it is so high. We climbed over the cone and up to the ridge where the kumara pits are and could see for miles. We really enjoyed being back at Kindergarten with the children after being away for two days at the Hui.

After climbing our mountain in the morning we also had a fancy dress disco at Kindergarten that night. We had a great time dressing up and seeing everyone's costumes. 

Yesterday, Wednesday 9th April we officially opened our new Centre of Innovation Visitors Room. The day began with the blessing at 7:30am followed by breakfast and shared lunch later in the day with our families. Today was another visitors morning session with 4 teachers visiting for sharing our research and fresh cookies for morning tea!!!

We have set the dates for further visitors mornings for teachers to visit and learn about our research on transition to school. These dates are planned for May 14th, June 17th, July 31st, August 12th, September 17th. These are between 9 a.m.  and 12 noon. To register, please email us with your details or if you have a PD day contact us and we can negotiate coming to present.

Through fundraising from our parents and community at the end of last year we have been able to purchase some new monkey bars which the children have really enjoyed. Monkey bars are a valuable piece of playground equipment as they provide opportunities for movement and development of physical skills -upper body strength and crossing the midline - which are essential for developing success in reading and writing.

These are just a few of the exciting things that have been happening at Mangere Bridge Kindergarten this term. We are looking forward to the holidays and a busy Term 2.

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