Monday, March 26, 2018

Kindergarten at the Farm - Back in the cave again

It's been a long time since we have been in the cave and it was such fun to be back there again.
Today was a really hot day and it was hot both down in the cave and up in the paddock.
However everyone was so busy exploring that they quite forgot about the heat. there was so much discussion :
"It was so dark"
" Fun! If you eat lots and lots of carrots you can see in the dark"
" It was quite deep with lots of rocks"
" Dark!! I had two torches"
" It was alright"
" We were looking for the Spider King"
"Good. There was like little tiny bits of a cave and it was really good. There was a bottle and some glass"
" It was fun. I see rocks"
" It was fun too. I saw some rocks. I had a torch. Not really scary"

We had a grandad along for the day who is a Geo Tech Engineer and he told us "It's basalt rock. The holes in the rock are from the gas bubbles. The white stuff on the rocks is lichen"

The walk back to kindergarten across the paddocks was a real test however of everyone's resilience and stamina. But we all made it thanks to a juicie stop on the way.

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