Friday, November 18, 2016

Farewell and arohanui Jemma

Today we farewelled our teacher of 9 years, Jemma. Jemma is going on maternity leave and the children have been following the progress of the growing baby with much excitement. This week we have had two celebration days; a baby shower all day Wednesday and then a celebration day on Friday of Jemma's huge contribution to Mangere Bridge Kindergarten.
The gifts for the baby poured in and the children had a great time helping Jemma open the parcels. We played pass the parcel with stickers for every child as they took a layer off and then the gift was for the baby. We put nappies on dolls, washed the dolls and dressed them and had lots of practice at parenting jobs.
We played put the baby on Jemma - a hilarious game that some children returned to more than once to have a turn.

The teaching team want to thank Jemma for her generous, committed, collegial, untiringly, positive and professional teaching over the past 9 years. We have loved having Jemma in our teaching lives and will miss her.

To the Mangere Bridge community we want to say thankyou for the love and gifts over the past days of Jemma's pregnancy. Jemma is overwhelmed by your generosity.


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