Monday, May 9, 2016

Back at Ambury Farm

After having our gathering time at the farm and singing Nau mai Kautou to the new children who joined us at the farm for the first time we went off to have morning tea.
Then Janine came by and told us she was off to work the horses if we wanted to come and watch. Then Garry arrived to tell us the truck was coming to pick up some cattle so we had a choice of what to do!! The children organised themselves to play 'Duck,duck, goose' and then we heard the truck rumbling in the gate.
 WE raced off to wait at the fence until the truck was in position, then went and sat on our viewing place to watch them load the cattle. Some had to go up the ramp to the top floor so it was very interesting watching them go on.

 Then it was off to watch Janine lunge the horses. they are learning at the farm too. They are learning to follow instructions and be able to pull a wagon or a plough. They are huge Clydesdales called Colin and Connor and they like having work to do.

On our walk through the paddocks we found a dead rabbit last term and we have been watching it decompose. There is only some skin and fur left now and we can see the bones appearing. It has created a lot of discussion with the children about what happened to it.

 Finally we get to admire the amazing view back over the farm as we climb our ladder and wander down the walkway, past our very productive community garden. Back at kindergarten in time for lunch.

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