Monday, January 25, 2016

We are back - Welcome to Term 1 2016

It is great to be back at kindergarten and the children seemed really excited and happy to be back too.
We heard stories of holidays near and far and then we opened some of the treasure sacks to see what had been collected during the holiday. 
There was treasures to investigate close at hand, research to be done about exciting interests over the holidays, duplo constructions to build, stories to read and games to play, work to be done and water to play with - to cool off. It is very hot in the afternoon but we do have tank water to use and it provides respite from the heat.

This is Daniel's last week with us before he returns to Auckland Uni to continue his study, this time his PHD. Anne will join us next week until the permanent teacher job is filled. However Daniel assures us he will be back frequently just to spend time in the kindergarten.

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