Friday, June 5, 2015

New guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are such great pets for the kindergarten as they are gentle and calm and can be held easily by small children. We have really missed having guinea pigs in the kindergarten since Rainbow and Stripey died so we looked on Trademe and there were two pretty little ginger and white sisters for sale. It turned out they belonged to a young girl who was absolutely delighted when she heard her two baby guinea pigs were going to a kindergarten and her mum brought them over during kindergarten time and told us all about them. They are used to being held, love grass and are only 8 weeks old.
Since they arrived everyone has wanted to have a hold and so we have taken turns to hold them in the cuddle sacks and feed them grass and other treats.
We have not put them in the big cage yet as it is cold and they are quite young. The children spend time lying beside the cage watching them and we had a list of possible names written by the children.

  • On Friday at mattime we decided it was time to name them so we cut up the suggested names and two children pulled a name each out of the basket.
    They are now officially called Ginger Snap and Coochey Coo - quite by chance both names suggested by Rhiley. Good choice Rhiley they really suit our two cute guinea pigs.

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