Wednesday, April 1, 2015

School Buddy stories

Each time the school buddies come we write a story about their visit for their portfolios and for the kindergarten child's portfolio and they put them in to the books together.
Now the kindergarten children work with a teacher the next day to tell a story about their time with their school buddy and print it to get it ready for the next weeks visit.

The display on the board of the stories has created interest from the children and from their parents and they spend time standing at the board discussing their buddy experience.

Our school buddy programme has been running for 6 years now and we are delighted to see children come back as school buddies who have had a school buddy themselves when they were transitioning to school. It is an fabulous community building experience. Thanks to both Mangere Bridge and Waterlea schools for continuing this joint project over so many years. We all see the benefits every week as children move into the new entrant rooms with a bigger school buddy keeping in touch with them.

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