Friday, March 13, 2015

The T-shirt project

After one of the children draw the images from Jemma's t-shirt over several weeks we began to think about how we could use this interest in graphic image for planning for learning.

 We asked some children if they would like to design their own t-shirt image.
There was lots of interest and so over days they worked on an image for a t-shirt that could be drawn onto the front of a white t-shirt. It took lots of concentrated effort, sometimes working all morning to get it as they wanted. Once the children began drawing onto the front of t-shirt they realised it had to be strong lines so that it would show up and have enough depth of colour.
The designs were very varied and reflected each child's interest, including a treasure map, people and houses.

This took careful thought as the images from the paper needed to be transferred to the front of the t-shirt but we did not want them to draw the idea straight onto the t-shirt as we wanted the children to understand that in graphic design there is planning stage which includes perfecting on paper what the final design will look like. they did a great job as the designs were so carefully transferred and followed the original design so well.

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