Monday, February 16, 2015

First day back at the farm

Finally the day had come for us to have our first day in the new year at the farm. We have had to delay our return as we have had lots of new children join us and we wanted them to feel comfortable with us and in the group before we went to the farm.
First we asked "what should we do today' and some said feed the animals and Jasper said "Go to the long grass"
We haven't been to the long grass for a long long time so we set off past the animals, fed the chickens and the goats and headed for the dry swamplands.

The long grass swampland is in fact very dry now because we have had so little rain and is a great place to explore.

There are rocks to turn over and spider webs in the reeds.

And it is a fun place to hide too.

Before we knew it it was time to walk back through the paddocks to kindergarten. There is hardly any grass now because it is so dry, it is most tickley, stalky brown seed heads and is quite scratchy too. We did stop for a juicie - thank goodness- because it was very hot by the middle of the day in the paddocks.
It was fabulous to be back at the farm, in the wide open spaces and having a good time together exploring.

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